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ACCURA is the Pro Painter's Choice. Air-free filling allows for smooth and easy application. Accura is a quality general purpose caulk and sealant. This acrylic latex caulk can be used on a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces. Accura forms a flexible, durable, airtight, water resistant seal that offers protection from environmental conditions. Once cured, the bead is mildew resistant. It is designed to seal gaps, cracks, joints, and seams around windows, trim, doors, sinks, counters, siding, penetrations, hardboard and flashing. Accura features low VOC, soap and water clean-up and may be painted once cured.

Performance Features:

  • Exceeds ASTM C-834, Type OP, Grade -18ºC.
  • Meets ASTM E90-09 as a sealant for use in acoustical applications when used as described in ASTM C919

  • Durable, air tight, water resistant seal
  • Cured bead is mildew resistant
  • Excellent adhesion and durability
  • Paintable
  • Interior / Exterior
  • Vacuum Filled Tubes
  • 45-year guarantee
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FAX: 866-897-7569
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