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AU-1 Window and Door Sealant

AU-1 commercial window sealant is unlike other installation products on the market. This single-component sealant uses state-of-the-art ingredients, including Aqueous Polyurethane Dispersion (PUD), to create a high-performance, gun-grade product. AU-1's Acrylic Urethane technology offers better adhesion and durability to some of the most popular window sealant technologies, including polyurethane, silicone, and solvent based formulations.

As an elastomeric urethane acrylic sealant, AU-1 is internally plasticized. The composition of this sealant makes it easy to apply, tool, and clean up, saving operations time and money in the process. The internally plasticized composition means no plasticizers are involved in the formula, so no plasticizers can leach out from the product. This fact allows AU-1 to maintain high elasticity and adhesion across all climates, gives superior paintability, and it's more eco-friendly than polyurethane and other sealants.

Once applied, AU-1 creates an airtight and water-resistant seal for superior protection against environmental conditions. AU-1 sealant for window installation is resistant to UV exposure and will not discolor over time. Regardless of the weather, AU-1 lasts. 

Features and Benefits of AU-1 Window and Door Sealant

AU-1 clear window and door sealant is steadily becoming the preferred window installation sealant for construction companies and installers. This window caulk and door installation sealant offers:

  • Industry-leading durability for a lasting seal
  • 50% joint movement (± 25%) and 800% elongation 
  • Straightforward application and cleanup to save time and money
  • Compatibility with paint
  • Interior and exterior performance
  • Superior adhesion for easy and lasting application
  • Prime-free application process for most substrates
  • UV and mildew-resistant bead

When AU-1 is used to install windows and doors, you can expect superior adhesion and durability through all types of weather and wear. The impressive performance of AU-1 comes with a lifetime warranty to prove the trustworthiness of the product. In addition, AU-1 sealant for windows offers the following specifications:

  • Meets physical requirements of AAMA 808.3
  • ASTM C-920 Class 25 
  • ASTM C-834 -18ºC
  • Fed Spec TTS-00230C
  • TCBSAT-30* 

Download the AU-1 data sheets for more specifications about this sealant:

Window and Door Installation

As a fully waterproof sealant, AU-1 is an ideal choice for window and door installation products. AU-1 installation products are also compatible with many types of materials, including: 

  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Glass
  • Stucco
  • Metal

TOWER® Sealants is the manufacturer of AU-1 and maintains an inventory of this installation sealant. No need to face uncertainty with the supply chain — AU-1 is in stock and ready to ship right now. We can offer lead times as fast as 5 days, so you can stay on schedule with your clients and deliver superior durability with your window and door caulking installations.

We offer AU-1 in cartridges, sausages and pails. Every package is vacuum sealed to remove air bubbles and give you the most possible product for the size of your package. Our sausage packages are an ideal way to reduce waste and disposal costs.

Choose Window and Door Caulk From TOWER® Sealants

When you need to install windows and doors, AU-1 is a reliable sealant that offers UV resistance and superior adhesion without plasticizers and complex preparation requirements. Get in touch with TOWER Sealants today or find out where to buy AU-1 near you. For dealers, explore our resources to market our products in stores.

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