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AU-1 Commercial Construction Sealant for Waterproofing

AU-1 is an elastomeric waterproofing sealant that offers superior performance for construction applications. This premium-grade sealant is easy to apply, tool and clean up, saving you time and money on the job. With impressive adhesion and exceptional UV resistance, AU-1 delivers industry-leading durability for sealing projects. By bonding to substrates at a molecular level, this outdoor waterproof sealant provides unmatched wear resistance, even with years of outdoor exposure. Additionally, AU-1 maintains high plasticity in all climates and resists extreme joint movement. Compared to other sealants on the market, AU-1 offers the fastest and easiest application and the highest level of durability. AU-1 also supports safer and more environmentally friendly practices because it is plasticizer-free. See the difference in efficiency and longevity with AU-1 as your waterproof sealant for construction.

AU-1 vs. Other Waterproofing Sealants

Polyurethane sealants are one of the most common choices for sealants in construction. While these have long become the standard for sealing applications, they lack in many areas when compared to AU-1. For example, many sealants on the market offer a maximum shelf life of 12 months, and AU-1 lasts for two years when unopened and stored properly. Other sealants often use plasticizers and volatile organic compounds (VOC) that make them unsafe for long-term exposure.

Qualities that set AU-1 apart include:

  • Easy soap and water cleanup — no xylene or special removers required
  • Strike flat with no additional tooling requirements
  • No mixing required, reducing setup time
  • Faster application with 60-minute tack-free time and 15-minute tool time
  • Paintable in six to eight hours after application
  • Pails are resealable and reusable
  • Passes ASTM C-1519
  • Does not expose substrate due to plasticizer migration, which can lead to mold or mildew
  • Offers maximum joint width of 2 inches
  • No priming required for most substrates

The difference is clear. AU-1 is easier to use, safer and longer-lasting than other waterproofing sealants on the market. When you switch to AU-1, your project's quality increases significantly with less required labor.

Interior and Exterior AU-1 Waterproofing Sealant Applications

With AU-1's many beneficial features and adhesion to 30 substrates, it has many interior and exterior applications. Some of the substrates it works with include concrete, aluminum and glass — among many others.

Possible use cases for AU-1 include:

  • Aluminum, wood and vinyl siding
  • Expansion and control joints
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)
  • Aluminum, wood and vinyl window frames
  • Concrete panel joints
  • Flashing
  • Parapets
  • Precast units
  • Stucco
  • Fascia
  • Vertical and horizontal joints
  • Tilt-wall joints
  • Curtain wall joints

With stock colors such as white, black, almond and aluminum gray, you can choose an appropriate color for your application. AU-1 also supports custom colors and can be painted if preferred. View the installation guide to learn more about AU-1's many features and how to prepare your surface for application. 

Choose AU-1 Waterproofing Sealant From TOWER® Sealants

With AU-1 as your waterproof sealant of choice, you can finish sealing jobs faster and ensure the long-term durability needed in construction. Say goodbye to complex tooling requirements, extensive cleaning and stubborn plasticizer migration with AU-1. Find out where to buy AU-1 today, learn more about the product or get in touch with us to talk to the experts on the TOWER Sealants team.

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